Our Mission

Empower. Educate.

The mission of The Birth Your Way Summit is to create full-spectrum awareness of the various birthing services available to pregnant and postpartum mothers in the Pittsburgh regions, with a special emphasis on educating moms-of-color on their birthing and postpartum options.

Who are We?

Expert Tribe Builders

The Birthing Hut and Brown Mamas are poised to bring authenticity, compassion, relatability and significant social presence to The Birth Your Way Summit.  Our birthing event will be a safe space that allows for deeper exploration of the challenges of mothering pre and postpartum, as well as a resource hub full of vetted community organizations capable of assisting moms in overcoming these challenges. With the power of the Brown Mamas’ community and social presence partnered with Iyanna B’s expertise and experience as a doula, The Birth Your Way Summit will be a great opportunity to bring widespread awareness about the entire maternal experience in a meaningful and informed way.

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